When I think of romantic style… it is more of a feeling to me. 
      As we lined out the placement for the foundation and of the garden house up in a corner, 
      I kept running to all the windows to see if it was in my sight line everywhere! 
      The placement had to be perfect,
       angeling it just so to catch the afternoon light.
      The archetectural structure is very special… 
       I want to see it everytime I look outside!
      My vintage garden house is my favorite place to be in the afternoon.
      The natural light coming in from the west is beautiful, it washes the white weathered wood in a warm glow.
      Roses are symbolic for romance.
       The pale pink petals are delicately ruffled.
       These are from my garden
      I love these hearts just hanging in a cluster layered together, 
      they might hint…
       I’m falling for you!
      Sentiments of a heart shaped candle in the palest of pink, returns to be lit only for a short while every valentines.
      Valentine gifts from my youngest son when he was little, he said one was the mommy and one little one was him!
      My favorite vintage latte bowl with two biscotti’s to share, layered beneath with pretty squares torn of pink floral fabric.
      The scent of these almond biscotti’s dippped in chocolate paired with the fragrance of an antique garden rose is like perfume***
      This vintage french campaign bed is weathered to perfection! 
      My newest vintage find.
       LOVE LOVE LOVE it….

      Stuffing a feather bed into the pale pink european vintage duvet is 
      simply my idea of
       romantic lounging 101!
      A favorite quote of mine from Audrey…

      My Design tip: Use your senses to create a romantic space

      Wishing you a romantic Valentines weekend!

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      All photos are owned by Gail Smith-Peterson

      Hi Roxie,
      Thank you….I love Valentines, it really is what I love about February! Yes my favorite space to entertain or just lounge is my vintage garden house…
      Happy Valentines!

      Hi Patti, Sweet… Welcome to Casual Loves Elegance I'm so happy you found my blog and you are inspired to visit again!
      I will hop over and visit your blog too!
      Happy Valentines!

      Awe Thank you! I love pink, being the girl in the house so I covet the places I use it!!!
      Happy Valentines!

      A Beautiful Valentines Vignette~~~I can see why this is your FAVORITE Spot~~~Happy Valentines Day to you~~~Roxie

      Found your lovely blog through Sweet Vintage of Mine, and all I can say is WOW! Love your style, your photos are amazing. I'll be following and looking forward to more inspiring posts.

      Im in love, you just did this soooo right! I am loving the colours, and tasteful arrangement! yu GO girl!