A beautiful Saturday morning to you!
      Romantic living style begins with passion. It can be true and show itself in many forms.
      Admittedly, I am an incurable romantic…
      My Love for nostalgia,
       old photographs, family heirlooms  fuel my passion towards old home and restoration.
      I see every old home having a dance.
      A history & a future.
      How we care for our homes, shows we love them.
      Doing simple and thoughtful things for people shows them we Love them too.
      Embracing my romantic style at home with my family full of boys is meaningful.
      It’s my way of showing my boys the softer side of life…
      Romancing the home with objects we see everyday remind us of moments we’ve shared.
      These heart shaped beach rocks were collected by my son for me on the beach.
      Flowers are sentiments of nature & the heart. 
      I keep a container of fresh flowers on my front door always.
      In our foyer the first thing you see is the antique cast iron urn, it’s never bare.
      Tiny roses and rosemary topiary fill it for Valentine’s.
      Gardening is nurturing & caring…
      Heirloom English cottage roses are my favorite.
      Beauty & fragrance all in one.
      I love to cut them & enjoy them twice inside.
      Climbing roses like my Eden adds romance to the exterior of our home.
      Preparing a little desert on vintage dishes dishes and setting it up in our garden house for my husband,
       is usually a little distraction from working on our house for a few minutes.

      Each morning I light a candle in the kitchen. Glowing candles are warm & comforting .

      I LOVE this little heart shaped candle, 
      I have two of them. Gifts from my oldest son and husband when he was little. 
      He said the big one {not shown} represented me & the this little one was for him…

      We bring it out for Valentines every year….
      A note saying “go to the bench”
      a cold treat awaits you…
      Something unexpected that shows & shares a thought, 
      I’m thinking about you!
      All things I truly love to do in romancing my family, friends & home…

      My Design tip: For a romantic decor infuse it by things your passionate about. Objects that have nostalgia. Collections & nature are not expensive, but priceless to the heart.

      A favorite quote, wishing you romance everyday.

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      I'm so glad you crossed my path too! What a lovely blog site and I must say, you are just beautiful! But think your spirit and how you live out shine all. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my blog. I just love when I "meet" someone new. Your post is inspiring and sharing a little elegance goes a long way.

      Big Hugs

      Hi Elisabeth,
      Awe…. so sweet Thank you!
      Have a beautiful Valentine week!

      Hi Dore,
      Thank you for the sweet note…. It's never to early to dream about a wedding!

      Hi Gaillard,
      your "softer side of live" is a dream!
      Best Wishes

      Hi Gaillard, as beautiful as it can get, it can't get anymore prettier then here.
      Love your heart, your romance, and those doors.
      Oh and my daughter is not getting married, not yet, not soon, it's just all planning girl talk. She's 21 beautiful and is charting her life first for the right one, but she does know she wants a garden European type wedding, one with chic shabby old doors as back drops to the space, furniture in the yard small quiet, elegant and well planned leaving the stress of it all behind her and I of course.

      Perhaps we will be calling on your romantic help, with all the beauty you pose in vignettes.
      We so think alike in so many areas of designs. Beauty in age 🙂


      So inspired by your comment, I write from my heart. I never liked writing in school but now I just write what I feel!
      I love my little rock collector, Thank you Vera!

      Awe sweet comment!
      Thank you xo

      I think your words and style are wonderful. The heart rocks collected for you by your son touch my heart.