Can you feel the romance and the sweetness?
      A little hand made vintage wool heart, I had these specially made for my store many years ago!

      This morning started out so sweet….I was rushing a round getting my son off to school and texts were coming on my phone with sweet sentiments! 
      I sooooo Love the ones from my BOYZ!!!

      I wish I could give everyone a hug…
      Sending wishes to ya’ll for a day of filled with sweet surprises
       & love…

      A little espresso, a rose and my favorite heart candle to start the day!
      Silly but….Soooo excited about my beautiful light finally in this room from the Halogens!
      My favorite Valentines mugs say Sweet heart on one side and…
      tesoro mio on the other side.
      LOVE the petite red heart inside near the rim!
      Velvetly pink ribbon under the cloche for some Valentines I still have to make and wrap!
      I Love to always make my valentines… Do you?
      My favorite linen Valentine pillow slips….
      I am off to pack up the vintage wheel barrow that I SOLD this morning!
      I wonder if it was a Valentines Gift!!!
      Hop over and shop for Valentines!
      I wish you a Beautiful day