Ever thought about having your own retail store…. 
      I hope my post today may change how you look at retail spaces.

      Today’s retailer has to embody many things.
       A brick and mortar business owner not only has to be smart about business they have to create a platform that has a unique vibe in which to showcase their product. 
      The service industry is like a retailer in many ways. The must have the the three E’s I call it…. Entice-Excite-Experience to develop a client base and keep them coming back.
      I know this from experience. For over a decade I designed and manufactured my own apparel label and  designed my had two retail stores.
      From years of interacting with happy clientele and retailers clients whom bought my collection, I realized I was on the mark.

      This could be a long post…
       Today, I will tell you the first secret to a successful atmosphere is a comfortable space with vintage infuse props.

      This service business is a tavern pub or grill.
       Look closely, almost every design detail is made with vintage materials.
      The feeling is cozy and welcoming! The designer has created a sense of age and stories that fill this really cool place.
      Another service business… here, they used vintage iron work, a cluster of fabulous vintage lights, marble etc. These same vintage type elements would work well for any businesses model. Restaurant, Patisserie and retail spaces such as gift, home and clothing.
      Interior spaces need to have a concept that works well with merchandising.
        LOVE this ….Vintage wall fitted with an old cabinet. 
      Do you see the beautiful old soft patina of the wood and the great shelves for merchandising?
       This would be a great concept for a build off.
       A couple of Display ideas…
      Vintage drawers for window display or anywhere. They can make anything you put in them… special!
      Vintage stamp type numbers and letters.
      A couple of cool uses would be…
       *make a wall collage of them
      *Use them to spell out something, the name of your business, EAT, BAR, CUPCAKES… you get it!
      * Use these for handing out to guest for their tables instead of boring numbers!
      This vintage folding Theatre bench is hand painted! 
      I used this in my shoe section of my retail store for children to sit and try on the european shoes! 
       It would be awesome in service business as a waiting bench or a retail business.
      Cafe, Patisserie, apparel store, shoe store, gift store, home store etc.
       It is a show stopper in a street window display! 
      At home too…
      This vintage tractor is the perfect focal piece to excite your patrons!
      Everyone knows what it is and it brings a sense of familiar, country and outdoors. This vintage tractor would be an awesome focal piece for any retail or service business.
      Some ideas for you…
      I’m Thinking…
      *Farm to table restaurant
      *Farmers market
      *Garden store
      *Clothing store
      I think your getting it!!!

      My Design tip:
      Be unique. 
      Creating a one of a kind space is essential. 
      It is neccessary to create a buzz {talk of your business} that’s how the word gets out.
      Example buzz… Have you been to the new farm to table restaurant? We have to go, it has the coolest vintage farm tractor right in the middle of the space! I just wanted to move in, the food is delicious and the space is awesome. Patrons might not remember the name of your business at first, but they WILL remember the old farm tractor sitting in the middle of your retail space or restaurant!

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      If your starting a business or currently in business, and stuck with some concept ideas, want to refresh your buisness and need some direction… 
      I would be happy to consult with you… Send me a email on my side bar!

      Have a wonderful and safe Labor day weekend!

      Bonjour Gail! How lovely to see you again! I believe we crossed paths some time ago! Like you, I believe that when casual meets up with elegance, you have instant richness of living. I love that photo of the gray drawers via Pinterest; it is really amazing how chippy white or gray has an elevated style that coupled with crystals, velvet, burlap, linen and some rustic elements makes for a comfortable home.

      Thank you for coming and GOOD LUCK to your son as he enters high school!!!! Anita