Evening Darlin’s!
      Hope you had a lovely day! 
      So busy I haven’t had time to do my Post!
      I could use a rest right now myself…
      I just finished un packing all the Italian tile for the new powder bath, 
      each piece needed to be hand bathed and laid to dry over night.
      My hands are thrashed!
      It’s ok … I’m in love with it so it so it was fun to touch each piece!

      With a nip in the air & shorter days are you feeling there is possibly a time for a cozy rest?
      My chair gets cozy chair in our dining room near the fireplace.

      Storing blankets, throws & pillows in a vintage cabinet is an organized way to see what you have at a glance.
      The faux fur adds such natural beauty,complimenting the white linens.
       My beds are made up like these in the winter, we just love them!

      My Design tip: Collecting vintage blankets, quilts and pillows is fun. Storing them where they stay fresh, clean & convenient to your entertaining space. Ready for any occasion.

      Enjoy a cozy weekend, hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog for all the photos and post.

      Off early in the morning for a road trip to look for some pieces for my renovation.
      Looking forward to sharing some updates soon!