It’s always a beautiful feeling when THE main piece you purchase for a room arrives safety….
      After a couple of years searching pieces & configurations for a petite powder bath I finally found 
      THE PIECE.
      Shipping it from New York was a concern that it wouldn’t be damaged…
      I was holding my breath as it was getting uncrated.

      It’s Absolutely perfect for the French Powder bath.
      This Antique piece is about 130 years old….

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
      A little tiny sneak peak….
      I’m still waiting for all the new plumbing components…
      Actually I have been waiting for almost 3 months…
      I’m so excited to see my design coming together.

      It’s my favorite room at the moment!
      I look forward sharing the finished room.

      Have a beautiful Tuesday Darlin’s

      What a beautiful piece! It will be wonderful to see your room when completed~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

      Ok Gail, you need to show the whole sink so we can enjoy in the beauty of why you held your breath 🙂
      See you soon

      Looking forward to the reveal of your beloved sink. Doesn't renovation just make your heart sing? I love the daydreams of planning, overseeing the construction and then being gifted with the finished beauty,.. Enjoy your journey.