Hi Darlins,

      Yikes….I had to skip my Saturday’s “Designing with vintage” to help my husband put all the boards  on the ceiling in the Butler Pantry area. They are gorgeous even with out paint!!

      Then I sanded the all the new dry wall in the same room.
      Oh my… that’s a job, Ihave done my share of sanding but this was a first for walls!
       I have a so much respect for the carrpenter trades, the work they do is TOUGH!!!

       I was giggling when I finished.
       I must of lost a few pounds sweating in the room. It was hot and all closed off with plastic. My triceps were burning!
      Hmmmm, can I count it as a work out???

      We are up against the clock to get the kitchen finished to the point of function. 
      My oldest son is coming home for the holiday’s = FOOD!
      He will no doubt want his favorite things & we have to have our kitchen up & running!

      So hope you don’t mind…next Saturday I will continue the Design series!

      Off to the prime & paint the first coat of paint!
      On black Friday I bought Christmas greens! That’s the only thing I buy on Black Friday!
       I love to have a few sprigs of cypress in the bathrooms!

      Smells like Christmas…

      I can’t wait to decorate our home for the Holiday’s!

      Happy Sunday I hope your week has been special, it’s almost December!!!

      I am returning for another visit, I don't see my comment here and rehabs it did not go through.
      Keep up the beautiful work the rewards of showing love to your home will encourage your home to love you right back.
      I am looking forward to your reveal and all your rustic touches you add in furnishings.

      Thank you for your visit, your comment meant a lot to me this beautiful December season of cheer and beauty in lights.

      Un Joyeux Noël


      Take a deep breath my friend, it's all in the beauty of the outcome….look at it as a Christmas gift to your home by adding beauty to your home such a gift.
      Love the bottle with greens, it's such a simple touch of Christmas beauty.
      Love your tradition for shopping your greens on Black Friday 🙂

      See you soon through the dust of remolding your home of beauty.


      Gail I like your tradition of buying Greens on Black Friday. John and I have a tradition on Dec.15th on our anniversary we buy our Christmas tree. Been our tradition for the past 36 years.
      Right there with you sanding, we're doing a renovation in our basement.
      Enjoy your Christmas season, I love the jar and bling on your bathroom counter top.