Hello friends,

      I hope your holidays were filled with magical moments, cozy fires and the company of those you hold dear.

       There was a much welcomed chill in the air here through the holiday’s, we loved it!  We kept a cozy fire and Christmas carols playing nonstop.

      Our boys came home for Christmas, we were so excited to be together!  I loved watching them stroll into the kitchen hungry!  Having them home happily slowed us down a bit, our house was filled with love and loudness,  just like old times!

       We loved cooking in our new french farm kitchen.   The simple delight of the cool marble surface made rolling out cookie and pastry dough a dream.  We fired up the wolf range for lots of baking and my husband’s prime rib was on point.  We nominated it as our most delicious Christmas Eve dinner ever.

       farewell  *2018*


      Hello fresh and exciting New Year.

      With each New Year’s Eve I reflect on how I feel about my year.   A good year represents many things, I look forward to improving where needed and checking things of my list!

          “THE LIST” is the same one I hold close to my heart, it’s the one I began as a young girl.   Much before I’d heard the term bucket list.   Mine has dreams and life long wishes, over the decades I’ve consistently chipped away at it my list and even check off a few big things!

      As this New Year ascends upon us I wish you three things,


      Let’s make 2019 the best year yet!

      With love,


      Hi Gail, sounds like he holidays were happy one. Glad you had your boys there. We had a good one also with both our boys. Mate (this won’t print n instead of m) anyway he lives with us, what a huge help to us. Brett lives in a townhouse here in Sun Lakes, both doing well. Jack and have some health issues ( expected at our age) both having back surgery this month or next. Can’t wait, overnight only. Jack’s copd gets worse every year. We love it here and have lots of good friends. Happy New year to you and Jim. Love, Burta