Morning Darlins,

      Have you noticed the beauty in a solid piece of wood?
      Today we have access to some gorgeous reclaimed pieces.
      Utilizing reclaimed wood in our decor
       for flooring,
      architectural statements gives them a second life.

      One of a kind natural elements that pare well with any style decor.
      In celebrating Autumn, 
      it’s time to think about nature.
      Salvaging what is before us… 
      has never been more beautiful.
      Infuse some reclaimed gorgeous pieces into your home renovations & artfully display them in retail spaces. 

      Let’s get inspired!

      all photos today for this post Pinterest

      My Design tip: Reclaimed wood offers a warmth to a space that no other product can.
      It’s good for us, no harsh chemicals & connects us to nature. 
      Pure beauty and it does a world good, to waste not.

      Hop over to SSO blog for my series “Saturday’s Designing with Vintage” & shop SSO for reclaimed wood for your home projects & renovations.

      A beautiful Autumn weekend for cleaning out the garage& starting a new project!


      How do you seal the wood without taking away from its age or making it shiny?

      Gail I love all the photos in this post … But the first one for me is absolute magic.