Morning Darlins,
      Summer is the season for entertaining. 
      Living in Southern California we have an opportunity to host alot of outdoor gatherings. 
      Having spaces outdoors extends our living footprint beyond the main quarters.

      Last week I posted on Charming getaway homes…
      A sweet blogger commented saying she would love to see some outdoor spaces. 
      Vintage of course!

      I will start the gallery with my favorite space.
      This is our garden house! 
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
      We use it for entertaining and I love that I can see it from my kitchen. 
      It is my favorite space I love to hang out here!
      {I don’t use it for gardening} 
      Made with reclaimed materials.
      We build a stone foundation from the stone on our property.

      Here are some others I found for you. I hope you are inspired to build your own.
       Use recylcled salvage material where you can!
       L*O*V*E* this one too!

      My Design tip: Simple spaces add value to your home and property. The structure should compliment the style of your main home.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog for my “Saturday’s Designing with Vintage” series.
      Shop my vintage collection.

      A Beautiful Summer weekend to you,

      Photo 1 Gail Smith-Peterson
      The other photos Pinterest

      Gail! That Garden House of yours if exquisite! I would spend as much time there as possible. I just love it! Thank you for your comment! Sorry it took me so long to pop over and say "Merci" — I am trying to get really back into blogging and it's a slow start!

      Be sure to come and like my FB page if you haven't already. I appreciate your support.

      Parisienne Farmgirl

      Thank you, I love it too, I do make alot of lemonade, lemon water!
      Hope your weekend is beautiful…

      Thank you Mary Ann!
      Hope your enjoying a beautiful weekend…

      Thank you Linda, I will have to look at my choice of pink again! If your having trouble because it's faint maybe others are too! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!
      A beautiful day to you!

      Thank you, I sometimes worry that all the original green will chip off. I do hope you create something for your side area! I would love to see what you come up with!
      A beautiful day Roxie enjoy!

      Oh How I would love to see a photo of your grandparnents house and barn…
      I used tin because I didn't want to take away from the beautiful doors on the sides.

      I love that you were inpired by these maybe you will create one of your own!

      I just came in from harvesting and got soaked from the little rain we had! It was so fun I felt like a real farmer!
      Enjoy your day Thank you for inspiring my post!
      Your so sweet!

      Awww! yes Gail,
      I have had my Sunday inspiration, I adore your outdoor space. The first time I saw you post your garden house it think it was a good couple of years ago I fell totally in love. I have seen tons of these little garden spaces and yet I have fell in love with many, but there was something about yours that totally intrigued me! It was your siding of galvanized tin that did it. My grandparents home had a 100 year old tin roof on it and the barn was of tin walls, it was your tin walls that brought back that familiar emotion of life and life's memories.
      I truly relate to yours and wish it were in my back yard. I wouldn't even care if it were ever used, in my mind just looking at it is use enough.

      Gail, you live this little magical world of wonderment, l can imagine you strolling the grove, sitting in the garden admiring your beauty all around you while taking a deep breath awwwww! It's a wonderful place for a poetic life to live.
      I often visit your second shout out and drool over the pieces I imagine in my home, it's space I am working with and perhaps a move down the line that would afford more areas that pieces like yours would fit right in and comfortably. I am going to go see if I can find some bedroom pieces I would love to find a French or Irish style country bed in a daybed size.

      See you soon, yes I know who inspired this post….Thank you!


      Hi Gail, You have the most beautiful garden house! LOVE the green patina on the panels(door). Besides yours, I love the first 3…..this gives me a great idea for the side area at the cottage~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

      It is truly magical…your garden house. Those weathered sea-green vintage shutters are amazing. I can see why it is your favorite place. I can imagine you sipping lemonade made from your own lemon grove there. Beautiful weekend to you. xx

      Gail, your garden house is lovely.
      If I may make a suggestion, your PINK script is lovely but oh so hard to read. Thanks

      Your garden house is lovely!!! I would hang out there all the time too.