This morning was my son’s bitter-sweet elementary school promotion ceremony!

      The ceremony was beautiful! The families were entertained with pretty piano music, guitar solos and speeches. Songs were sang by the 6th grade class. Teachers speeches brought tears to my eyes and I know I wasn’t the only one with a hand full of tissue! The ceremony was perfect and all the children were so nicely dressed. It was fun to see how they all looked different without their uniforms… t-shirts and shorts!!!!
      We got all the decorating finished inside and outside and it came together lovely. A big Thank you to all the mom’s who helped get everything done!
      A local nursery Sunshine Garden’s” in Encinitas was so generous to lend us all the beautiful evergreens, roses and hydrangeas! Truly it was a special favor because the family had a 6th grader getting promoted to and other children in the school. We were Lucky, it made the atmosphere alot more special!!!
      To top it off the reception inside was lovely too, food and drinks were served.
      An awesome video was playing featuring the promoting class doing lots of events and activities throughout the years at the school! The video was designed by a sweet mom of one of the class mates and she presented one to each of the students! I can’t wait to sit down with my family and my son by my side to watch it together! Truly a gift that we all will treasure!

      Here are some photos!
      Our oldest son was with us and it was fun to see him laughing and smiling as I’m sure he reflected on his own elementary school days…
      Have a fabulous friday*

      Congratulations to your boy…what a great day.

      Wow the decorating is fabulous….love all the greenery and flowers and topiaries..quite beautiful!!
      Oh I remember my 6th grader graduating and it was indeed bittersweet because I saw him being right on the cusp of going fgrom a little boy to a young man. That is really a precious age…..enjoy every minute!!
      PS Love the idea of the mother who made the wonderful and what a great keepsake!