Hi Darlins… I hope your week is fantastic so far!

      During my renovation I keep loosing cupboards and I still need temporary spaces to keep some dishes and glassware accessible yet fairly protected from construction dust.
      I have been using these two tall cupboards.  I bought them a few years ago for extra storage before the renovation. I thought that they were so pretty with the chippy white & pale-grey paint I am so happy to have them for my temporary make-shift kitchen!
      They are made from vintage windows and have these pretty litlle handmade roses on them! A score!
      I love being Green!!

      My design tip: Always consider GREEN alternatives. Vintage is GREEN and the way to go for many building projects… Remember what I always caution you about… Beware of…. “it is a good buy”… If it doesnt’ work and have a utility you will have to get rid of it or it will be stored in your garage!

      Here are a couple pics of the vintage cupboards so you can see how I am using them now….I aleready have the next use for them planned Out!!!


      Hi Gail, this cabinet is just amazing, looks wonderful all filled, and in your home!!