Happy 1ST* of DECEMBER!

      Well it’s on!
      Tis the season of celebrating
      & the exciting of 
      gift giving!

      Personally…I like to think the gift appearance is like a gift in itself.
      {This is just my personal preference, just saying!}

      The way it is presented appeals to our curiosity of what may be inside…
      The thoughtfulness that goes into choosing a gift should equally continue to the wrapping and presenting!

      Vintage tins & boxes filled with surprises
      wrapped in beautiful satin ribbon makes a beautiful presentation.

      Vintage photographs & papers make lovely tags. 
      Hand made ribbon & bows are truly a labor of Love!
      It’s fun to think of unexpected ways to wrap a gift. I have done this before, the gift becomes the all wrapped up in one. Embellished with a pretty vintage pin!
      Tuck the gift receipt in the pocket.


      I love adding vintage jewelry like this… so lovely!

      I love wrapping gifts early in the holiday season.
       Seems there  is more time to wrap & create a lovely presentation.

      When my boys were small, I used to hear from other moms… they just rip them open so fast!!!
      Absolutely true.
      It’s always been my pleasure though…
       they are my boys and I wanted them to feel that their gifts were special too! 
      They loved seeing the presents before christmas & it was like giving them a million hugs…
       I told them they were…
      Wrapped with love*

      Placing the gifts around the house temporarily becomes part of the holiday decor!

      My Design tip:
      Wrapping early can be fun, gifts can become part of your holiday decor.
       A beautiful, thoughtful gift should be worth a little extra time for a special presentation you will be excited to give.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog for the Saturday’s Designing with vintage post.
      Visit my store at SECOND SHOUT OUT for some Holiday gifts…. I can give you some suggestions on wrapping your purchases from my store if you like!

      Have a wonderful 1st weekend of Christmas!


      GOOD MORNING!!! That very first gift photo with the red pom poms; I just pinned that myself yesterday! HOW FUN THIS IS! And thank you so much for coming to comment on my post. I found those angels' wings at a local theatrical/costume rental store! They were only $10 and really well-made. You can probably order some on-line, but they are SO FUN to use for photo shoots!

      Well my beautiful friend, I wish you an enjoyable time with friends and family, and may this be an unforgettable Christmas for you! Anita

      Hi Gail,
      I so wish I had started earlier in the season allowing more time for the extras that pile up on you.
      Love the presentation of a gift, the wrapping is more then the gift itself. There is just something so exciting when one sees a wrapped gift tagged with love with your name on it.

      This post inspires beautifully wrapped ideas.

      See you soon.



      I couldn't agree with you more on this one. A beautiful package is a joy for me to wrap. Sometimes the presentation is a visual gift that will create the memories we cherish!
      Happy Holidays,