Hi Darlins,

      What a busy weekend…
      Dinner with friends, harvesting then some girl fun!

      I held a fitting to meet and fit the models I chose for the runway show. 
      Everything fit well & I will see them on the runway early Sunday morning for rehearsal.
      I have 4 models and will be showing 8 wedding gowns.
      I think all the stylists have the same… not sure!

      Since this is my first time to style a runway show I really have to rely on my instinct & creative sight for everything!
      It’s a challenge like project runway…
      I am thrilled I have my own make-up & hair team & a dresser to help me.
      I have heard she is fabulous!!

      I will try to let you know what’s happening.
       I guess I should learn how to implement Instagram… 
      Maybe I can figure it out in between everything else I have going on!!!

      If you know anyone in Love or getting married please let them know about the Bridal show.
      It’s going to be a beautiful event.
      A sneak peak from the fitting!
      Style inspiration…
      courtesy of my local organic market!!!

      Shhhh it’s top secret!

      Hop over to the official FB page for tickets. 
       I would love you to come and experience this gorgeous Bridal show!


      A beautiful event to you, sharing it with us will be inspiring.
      I am most certain with you involved it with be amazing.

      Thank you for the share.

      What could be more inspiring than those organic veggies? Just love the sneak peek of the gown…gorgeous!!

      I wish I could come and see the beauty you create! Best wishes. I hope you will share it on your blog when its all done too. xxo