Morning Darlins,
      Something about a porch just says welcome.
      Vintage homes seem to have at least one.
      My childhood home on the lake had a big wrap around porch. My parents used to sip their coffee and read the Sunday paper almost every weekend during those nice weather months. 
      Those moments on the porch were special.
      From day to night we can enjoy vintage style living on the porch.
      Day beds for lounging…
      A sweet way to start the weekend sipping coffee on the porch.
      I recall my 5th birthday party…it was on our porch. 
      One just like this, 
      my little guests were seated at a long farm table and I was on the end! 
      We had sash windows like this too! 
      Love the simplicity…
      A beautiful screened in space for entertaining.
      Rustic & relaxing isn’t it?
      So inviting & cozy!
      Sleep over!!!
      Summer Romance…
       My idea of the perfect summer evening…

      My Design Tip: Vintage porch living is using your space as an extension of your home. Everyday moments can be a little more special when you take them on the porch.

      Happy Father’s Day weekend DAD’s!

      Off to an annual Father’s Day Lobster Bake…

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      {Photos from Pinterest}


      I love porch living! I need to decorate my porch but these bed ideas are amazing!

      Familiar with all these beautiful porches and some of the bloggers who own them 🙂
      I love that first one so me! And the shutters beckon me to recreate them for myself.
      The last photo with the iron bed out on the outdoors deck is most inspiring a night in the open air.
      I so long for a yard in the quiet to recreate this mood 🙂

      Inspiring and relaxing.


      Oh Gail, I forgot the most important part….Save me some lobster !

      See you soon!