Hello Darlins,

      HOME is his Castle.
      Home is where he can put his feet up,
      home is where he can be himself.
      HOME is where his heart is too.

      The DAD’s don’t really ask for much, they just want to be appreciated and thought of.

      Here’s some inspiration for that special space they may be dreaming of.

      Let’s keep them happy!

       This one looks like my Dad’s work shop when I was a young girl. It was in our carriage house at the lake house.
       He was always drawing some idea & had a light just like this.

      Here’s to all the POPS.
      {My boyz call their DAD – POPS}

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      Happy Weekend
      Happy LIFE…

      My Design tip: Utilizing old baseball gloves, trophy’s or any memorabilia in his spaces along with photos of him is such a personal and meaningful touch.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for my series Saturday “Designing with Vintage”
       & SHOP for some vintage gifts for POPS!

      xo to my DAD in the Heavens… Miss you.


      Hi Gail,
      Ove the Dads rooms inspiration, your dads room also looked like my dads room, kind of basement feel to it and I can smell the scent of that space vividly now that you have brought this work shop to my attention.

      I love all the rooms … Not just for men, ladies like it too! 🙂

      You always inspire the best for tat very moment.


      MEN are so special. It sounds as if your father and mine were the same in many ways. My father was always thinking and drawing up plans for his latest invention or building project, and OH how I loved to watch him measure, cut and build. I miss him.

      ENJOY YOUR DAY with your men, both little and all grown up! Anita