Hey Darlins,

      A friend invited me come to a Seed Starting workshop on Saturday. It sounded soo cute so of course catching up with a friend and learning about gardening is perfect…
      I had no idea what to expect! It was at Southwest Boulder and Stone in SD.
      Our lovely teacher was Nan Sterman. She is almost a neighbor turns out! Our kids went to the same schools etc. Any hoo, she also heads up the annual Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour.{ A local event that you want to get tickets now for and attend}. Nan really knows her dirt and how to make beautiful gardens!
      Nan talked about everything form buying quality seeds, how to understand the directions on the packet, soil, how to start the seeds in the right containers and why all the details are important to have success starting your plants. It was so interesting! She provided us with all the things we needed to plant some vegetables seeds. Now I have to just watch them grow and then put them in my big garden beds outside.
      It was a lovely workshop and I’m so happy my friend Kathleen invited me to join her. I would really recommend Nan Sterman’s workshop, you’ll get an understanding about organic growing and caring for your garden.
      Nan Sterman’s website link here: http://www.plantsoup.com/
      *** April 21st 2012 10-4:30 ENCINITAS GARDEN FESTIVAL & TOUR
      Tickets are on sale now here or at the local nursery’s

      Please save the date. Put on your pretty garden hat…It is a beautiful afternoon and you’ll be so inspired to play in the dirt!
      Happy Spring*