Pink warms me like Sunshine…
      A dreary… damp morning here in SoCal 
      In case you need some warm Pink for your day, I’ll start with these…
      Antique Roses from my garden…
      Fresh baked Almond Croissants…
      One left for you!
       These are popular at my house….
      Sweet how we hover around the oven waiting for them to finish baking!!!

      Cute story… My son had about 8 boys over a couple weeks ago right after school. I baked croissants and took out a tray{they were skate-boarding in our driveway}. One of the boys asked…What is a croissant? I never had one!
      My son who has quite the pallete responded… your kidding right?
      It was what we refer in our family as a “Sandlot” {movie} moment”!! 
      Some of my favorites…
      I hope this warms you up a little!
      Have a pretty day!