This PINK Little Clock was my Grandmother’s…She lived on a small Lake too, a few miles away so we visited each other a lot. I remember loving to look at this Beautiful little clock. It was a gift to her from my Grandfather. It is a clock but it plays a song! Ma Petite Folie” is what the little label says on the bottom. The case is plastic over metal and the color is the most softest shade of PINK.

      I was in tears when I received it from my mom after my Grandma passed away… I can’t tell you how many times we sat on the edge of her bed and listened to the song…. and we talked about it!!! She would sometimes ask me what would I like to do when I was visiting? My reply was always the same….How about if we look at all your pretty trinkets and jewelry!!!!
      She was such a Lady and dressed up with her pretty jewelry, hats matching shoes and coats!!! Great Fashion!! When she and my Grandpa were going into Chicago and got all dressed up they looked so Elegant. I have always loved Fashion and especially vintage Fashion… I must be a old soul!!!
      Have a Beautiful weekend*
      xoxo, me

      omg gail!!! Thank you so much for writing me, I love your blog, and of course sir bently!! Our saint puppy is now 6 months old, and outweighs our female by 50 lbs!
      keep in touch, sir B is a doll!
      xoxo, Tiffany