A fun story that I think about every time I wear these….
      I fell in love with Dr. Scholls as a young girl…
      The small town where I grew up had a pharmacy that actually carried them!

      My friend & I used to ask the clerk {as soon as the snow melted} 
      When do you get the summer Dr. Scholls? 
      Trying to guess about when that would be!!!

       On a wish & a guess, 
      we rode our bikes, our money in the back pocket of our jean cut offs to the pharmacy.

      If we were lucky… we would wear our new summer pair home. 
      Considering ourselves lucky was to…
       get a pair in our color & size.
       We called it our “Lucky Scholls day! 
      We had many summers with Lucky Scholl’s!!!

      It was a good thing my friend wore a different size than me…. 
      Looking back… seems like they only stocked one pair per size!!!

       Anyone else had a Scholls crush?
      This is my favorite summer pair now! 
      A pale Pink velvet with a sparkly rhynstone buckle….
      When I found these in Newport beach a few years ago I said to myself,
      If my mom was still here she would of said it with me!
      Who knew they were made in Italy!
      Love these pink sparkly earrings simple, classic, I wear them with anything!
      FYI….It’s not easy to take a close up picture of your own ear!!!

      Enjoy this beautiful August day with me 

      Hi Dore,
      Fun wasn't it? I do remember mine falling off the pier many times & they floated! No worries!!!
      I bet you wore shirts tied at your midriff too? I did, my older brothers, way to big but so comfy just through it over my bikini top!
      Best memories are to be shared!
      Thank you….

      mmmm….yes forgot about that!
      Happened a lot, also you just helped me remember when someone would be following you to close too and step on the back OOUCH!!
      Fun memories!

      Oh Gail, we were cut from the same cloth, because I was a late hippy girl I too wore them! We too found them at Kmart, and drug stores, I had a pair just like yours in style and the clogs white leather tops with those little pin holes all over the leather, why White? Hmmm! I guess I though they looked good with my worn out frayed at the hem levi jeans and what ever else I might ware.

      Great post, it flooded the memories in…And I will be on the hunt for some size 7 1/2 just like yours…. They are groovy ! 🙂


      Ah yes, they were a part of my growing up as well. The one thing I do remember is that if you were walking quickly and your heel slipped off the shoe, it really hurt!!! I had a pink leather pair that I wore with everything in the summer.

      Smiling with good memories as I read this. I loved the red leather ones.