This is why I am so moved by Ralph Lauren, not just because he is a designer and fashion is his world, He embodies humanitarian generosity, he’s lived a life that he values others and their struggles.

      Oprah, well she is out of the same pattern!
      How amazing to be a guest at the once-in-a-lifetime event!! I’m sure you wouldn’t of sold your seat for any amount!
      This event was billed as An Evening with Ralph Lauren: a cocktail reception, conversation with Oprah and a three-course dinner. The venue was at Lincoln Center-The performing Arts Capital of the World-On a night when Philanthropy was the mission and Glamour was the mode.
      A crowd nearly 800 raised a record $7 million Dollars for Cancer! Wow that is so Fabulous… I bet the emotion was overwhelming in that room…
      An awesome story that I felt should be shared if you didn’t already know.
      Have a beautiful Friday*