A quick Hello… and then I’m off to read my new book I picked up today!
      Well not just any book…
      When I first was introduced to the blog world… one of the first blogs I discovered was 
      Velvet and Linen. I liked the name and thought I would like the blog too! I was right and I still enjoy it.
      I received an invitation from a friends beautiful store, C’est LaVie in Encinitas to come today as she was hosting the Gianettis and their new book “Patina Style”.
      Yikes it was one of those super busy days and I kept looking at the clock thinking I will miss it.
      Finally I made a dash to get there, my son in the car after the orthodontist apt, he is changing in the car for football.
       I said honey … I ‘ll be right back! I had about 10 minutes…Still in my work out clothes from 8 am. 
       I hope no one minded!
      I happily purchased a copy of their book “Patina Style” and talked with Brooke and Steve for a few moments. It was nice to meet them in person and I wish them much success with their book.

      A perfect ending to a busy day….Nite!

      Gail, Thanks for introducing Velvet and Linen! I just visted their blog and fell in love. I'm going to try and find their book this weekend. Have a great weekend!

      Ha! I've had days like that where I am still in my work out clothes…but sometimes those days are the most productive. I had Brooke sign my copy, too.
      Have a great day.