I love this Dish!

      I bet something delicious was served in it many times.. It’s old with crackles in the glaze, perfect in my book!

      It’s from….THE HOTEL GEORGE V PARIS*
      Wish I could say that I visited this hotel, and had a story to share… but I found this at a flea market!

      I love this white ironstonish souffle dish imprinted with the CROWN… and Blue script.
      Have fun hunting for those special items*

      Ahhhh Gail, what a find! The George V is simply splendid & even visiting just to have a cocktail will put you smack in the middle of heaven. The flowers alone are worth seeing. Display your lovely find & enjoy it every day. I'm following. Love love love your layout.

      Gail isn't that just the best to fnd something so special!!

      Art by Karena