Happy Saturday Darlins,

      Summers longest days are here, it’s coming to the close of August my favorite month of year.
      It holds special memories and it’s the month of celabrating! 

      At my home I try to keep the use of my favorite color, pale pink-minimal.
      Flowers from our garden
      mostly a few favorite vintage pieces and accessorries, my boys and husband appreciate that I’m sure…
      Today I’m sharing a few photographs I’ve taken here and there to give you an idea how I use those touches of pale pink in and around my home.

      I hope this inspires that you can have your cake and eat it too..so to speak!!!
      Let’s Start outdoors up by the firepit,
       a curved wood bench has european duvets stuffed with a cushion, pink hydrangeas.
      Climbing roses from my garden.
      I love the lemony fragerance of this rose, the palest of pinks fading into sugary whites.
      A European campaign bed set up in our vintage garden folly.
       A down filled cushion inset in a european duvet, 
      vintage flowery latte bowl & plates. 
      A pale pink heart candle my son gave me for Valentines day many many years ago. 
      Every year I bring it out for Valentines, I always wonder if it will light!
      touches of pale pink too.

      My favorite vintage tea cups, Bavarian, I have two. 

      In the kitchen this euopean pale pink Sucre {sugar} tin holds a potted mint. 
      I love having it close by to use fresh mint in waters & on deserts.
      Other heirloom roses from the garden..
      This was last years B-day…
      In the dining room, nestled up to the table is my favorite pink metal stool,
       It’s one of my coolest finds, I have a white one too! 

      I have my own little traditon….
      Each year on my birthday I set up a little celebration just for me.

      My mom did something special for me growing up, using pink too, 
      I was the only girl in my family.
       Now that she’s gone I missed that so much. 
      I loved it so that I thought… I will keep it going for myself.

      I get up early, it’s quiet and I have time to myself to reflect upon the year that has passed
      dream of what the year ahead may look like. 
      I light my own little candle & make my first wish of the new birthday year.
       I covet this sentimental little bakelite vintage clock. 
      I wished for it, for many years!
      You see, it was a special gift from my Grandpa to my Grandmother McCleod when they were first married.

      When I was a little girl and visited her my favorite thing to do was have her show me her pretty things she kept on shelves.
       This clock was so precious, she told me maybe one day it would be mine….

      Many years later my mother,
      after my grandmother passed away
       wrapped it up for one of my birthdays….with tears streaming down her face…
      she said “Happy Birthday from Grandma”, she always said she promised this to you.
      As soon as I saw this little pink clock I felt my grandmother right there with me.

      Such a little thing is attached to the the biggest moments.
      A delicate varitey of hydrangea on my table with a 100 wishes…
      What would you wish?
      I know I would use them all for one special wish
       I know what it would be!!!!
      The pales of pink, was what I was dreaming of when I designed my own wedding gown,

      Tommoro is our wedding anniversary, it seems like yesterday!

      My Design tip: If your favorite color is a bit much for your decor, bring it in for your favorite occasion. Bring each family members favorite color in on their occasion, they will love you for it!

      I hope your weekend is a beautiful one,