Morning Darlins,

       is my favorite day 
       of summer.
      Along with my favorite color… Pale PINK!!!

      A touch of a soft romantic pale pink changes the aura of a room.
      Pink works well with vintage, I love the warm faded tones.

      First…. my little dress story

      When I was engaged & shopping for my wedding dress all over the country…
      I found one I loved, {my mom was with me that day}
       Later the next evening,
      my mom sensed something was wrong, 
      I didn’t seem my usual self & excited when I was telling my dad about the dress we found.

      Gathering up nerve to spill my feelings…
      I proceeded to tell her and my dad…

      Tears in my eyes…I really want to be myself and my dress should reflect me!
      My favorite color is pink, so…
      I really want to wear a pink wedding gown!

      Their jaws dropped, my mom was in tears….
      My mom said so sweetly, of course you do!
      My parents said…
       it’s your wedding, 
      now that you say it I can’t imagine it,
       but I know it would be beautiful & so unique just like you!
      SO I had their blessings!

      My mom said… we didn’t see any pink gowns.
      Oh… BYT I’m going to design it!

      They had to keep our secret about the dress & it’s color.
      I wanted it to be a surprise!

      The rest is history!
      My pale pink couture wedding gown & tiara.
      One of a kind,
      made with vintage tule & accoutrements.

       back to the post for Saturday’s Design with Vintage!
      Had to begin with my favorite pink vintage wedding dress!

      As we live these last days of AUGUST
      I think of pink as the color of luxe & romance.

      Here at home
      I have a sentimental tradition for August.
      I have some fun adding some pale pinks to my decor to celebrate my anniversary {today}
       & my August  birthday. 
      Being the only girl in the house it makes my favorite month really special & memorable!
      {My mom used to add some pink for me too during August, I loved it.}  
      This was a pic I took last year in my dining room.
       Early in the morning on my birthday.
      I love bringing a little pink outside too!

      Pinks are feminine yet can be handsome in a modern vintage space.
      This pure & calming color has something for everyone…
      who has a light heart
      inspires a romantic spirit.
      My Design tip:
      If there is a color that you particulary love however the rest of your crew isn’t on board with it everyday, maybe bring it in for a short while. It will make everyone happy.

      Hop over to  SECOND SHOUT OUT blog today for the rest of this post
       my series, Saturday “Designing with Vintage”
      & shop for some vintage summer finds.

      A beautiful August Saturday to you filled with LOVE & little pale pink!

      more pink here on my pinterest board


      You look gorgeous in your wedding gown! I love the pale pink and yes it does go well with vintage which makes me a fan of pale pink too!

      Hi Gail, Your wedding dress is unique! I'm glad you went with your heart~~~I too, love touches of pink….it's such a happy, but soothing color to me~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

      Prêtty in Pink!
      So glad you went with your heart that's what love and marriage is all about. My dUghter does not want to wear white as well…. Her colour is still soft and ooh sooo romantic as well.

      Love your table vignette would love to see more 🙂

      Inspiration to love.