Hope your having a beautiful memorial day weekend!
      Yesterday we spent the day in Temecula which has several vineyards…
      We were at a baseball tournament though so we didn’t get to do any wine tasting!

      Last week when I was in the midwest we had gorgeous Spring weather…
       one day we went to the
      Chicago Botancical Gardens.
      A living museum on 385 acres and 9 water islands!
      These gardens took my breathe away!

      So inspired to try some of the techniques in my own landscaping in So Cal.
      Here are some photos I took, we would have to spend days to see it all…
      The most beautiful gardens I have ever seen…
       I hope you will be inspired too!
      This was a large tunnel of roses that are growing over the trellis, to the right, apple trees and a vineyard!
       All next to the water, so pretty and romantic.
      There magnificent examples of Espalier fruit trees, 
      This beautiful specimen is a Espalier Burford Pear.
      This area was called the walled garden… 
      Love the little brick houses, this area was very European looking to me!
      Looking through the oval of the little brick garden house.
      Love this sustainable cold frame. The were tutorials like this all around and everything was clearly labeled. 
      I took tons of photos for my landscaping library!
      Everything was in full bloom, this is a red bud tree.
      Looks like a painting  doesn’t it?
      My cousin planned a perfect day,,, following this we went to Lake Forest for a delightful lunch, after we walked around the town and took a drive and saw 
      some incredible neighborhoods and gorgeous homes!
      Early last sunday went with my SIL to a vintage flea market in Wisconsin. 
      I saw this chair…
      My Design tip: Use out of the box thinking in your landscaping. Adding a fun piece gives your space some personality. 
      Be careful… not too much. or it will appear junky!!!

      Thank you again to my cousins, SIL and my niece who are just fabulous people and I LOOOVE them!

      Have a beautiful Memorial weekend and travel safe!
      You can shop for some vintage garden pieces too!

      This was a breath of fresh air. Thank you!