Today we our celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary!

      It was a beautiful day and everything was exactly as I had dreamed! I designed my dress and planned every detail and it was so worth it and that’s just what I love to do I could never let anyone else plan our day that wouldn’t be me at all!!

      It is hard to believe that it was that long ago.
      I have my king Daddy home from the hospital last night. He is doing pretty well. A long first week but he is recovering from his surgery well.
      I will be glad next year when we will be able to dance with me on our 25th!
      We are spending the day just being together and am thankful he’s home here with me.
      Here are a few pics from our wedding. If you want to see more you can visit my posts from August 2010 where I shared alot last year.
      Have a beautiful day filled with love*

      Wow you made one beautiful bride!! Stunning and your bridesmaids look quite dashing too!! Happy Anniversary to you, 24 years is quite an achievement!!