Happy Thursday Darlins,
      Yesterday we kicked of our garden walls project.
      We have so many huge projects here at the French farm house.
      The landscape projects at the moment are the retaining walls for the upper garden.
      We have completed the left side and now it’s time for the upper and to the right of the pond.
      When we get it all done I will take your through them from the start.

      Yesterday we took all the exisitng rock down that had been dry stacked, trenched by hand the length of the wall. 
      Sand and cement was delivered and this morning the hunt for the perfect rock to start building the wall begins. All the stones are natural to our area and found on site here. 
      I wish the sand & cement were too!!

      This is the left side we finished a while ago. 
      I love it!

      This is yesterday, before we took the wall down, 
      it was dry stacked and the rocks are begging to fall down.

      This picture is from this morning, with the rock taken off and the trench dug.
      The wall will be about 3 feet above the ground when it’s finished and follow the curve of the planter.

      All together this will take several weeks, 
      this weekend we are going to shop for a large slab of stone for my bottom surprise wall!
      The stone guys are artists, they look at each rock for the perfect face & fit! 
      They walk the property & it’s fun to see they care about the project being beautiful.

      I’ll keep up dates coming!
      Enjoy a beautiful afternoon


      It's an amazing back drop to your French Farmhouse….. Love how sweet your shed sits over looking all the heart scaping….and the juniper ? In the back ground will add all the privacy you need.

      Now only if your guys could make way over to my yard when they are done with you! I could use a bit of help here! 🙂