I was born in northern, California… soon after my parents moved to the midwest. We lived in a couple houses, but one day I remember my mom was talking to my grandpa about THIS house… It was listed For Sale on a lake near by. I remember she was very excited and wanted to go see it…
      This was the real listing brochure for the house!
      They purchase it for $18,000.That’s my Dad writing! 

      My mom fell in Love with it and they bought it.. I remember seeing it for the first time, I mostly remember how excited my parents were. I think I was going into 1st grade when they bought it. The house was a fixer and my Dad was working on it all the time.
      Our Lake {Crooked Lake} and my Grandparents Sand Lake were just a mile or so away…

      I have to say we lived in a special place and it was so much fun! Summers we stayed in our bathing suits everyday! I learned to water ski probably at seven. Autumn was so fun too, raking leaves then jumping in the piles! Winter time was just as fun as summer…we ice-skated, rode on our sleds and toboggan.  My family rode snowmobiles, we could ride down our backyard on to the ice… it was very cold!
      I appreciate the years we lived there more after I moved away, the town was very small but the people were so genuine..My family knew everyone so it was fun, I cherish the memories… Growing up there in that fabulous old Lake house was absolutely hands down, the best ever!!!

      I wonder who’s Pearls I have?


      to be continued…. Tomorrow is a very special day!

      What a beautiful lake home! That is an exciting thing to get to live by a lake when you were a little girl! Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie p.s. your PINK bakelite piece is a KEEPER for sure! Absolutely, gorgeous and sweet!