Our first Harvest* We have been patiently awaiting this pick. Truly the fruits of our Labor!!!

      When we first purchased this home we wanted to plant a Grove. Not only do we enjoy how beautiful they are to look at it we know we are producing organic Lemons for many others to enjoy!!
      WE were able to get 4 1/4 crates. doesn’t seem like a lot but it was. Our lemons were huge!! This will increase as the grove gets more mature. It is about 3 years old!!
      This is what we love about living in this area Olivenhain / Rancho Santa Fe. We are just 5 miles from the beach but we have a dryer climate and more sunshine*
      {Mmm.. Feeling like Zsa Zsa Gabor on Green Acres} Didn’t you LOVE that show?
      Here are some pictures that I took. I will have to find the pictures of the grove when we first put it in! It’s amazing how tiny these trees were!
      Have a Beautiful sunny day where ever you may be*
      My Design tip* When your planning your landscape try to have some things that are beautiful, fragrant and edible. It’s so rewarding to pick something that you have grown and it’s wonderful to share with others.

      I am soooo jealous Gail! When we lived in the San Diego area (when we were kids) we had avocado trees in our backyard and lemon, fig and tangerine trees in the front. There was just nothing quite like getting to go and pick them right off of the branches to enjoy at their very best! Maybe you will have some great lemon recipes to share with us? 🙂 I have a great Barefoot Contessa one for Shrimp linguine in a lemon sauce. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!