Last week of school…Finals this week for my son. 

      We will be soooo happy for summer vacation!!!

      I finally put a new board on Pinterest. 
      *Our Family Home*

      All the content is from around our home.

      I get asked quite often to show more of our home and my Casual Loves Elegance style. 
      My family was asking me too, when I was in the midwest….
      We want to see some pics from your house? 
      Ok here you go!!!

      I love Pinterst don’t you?

      I hope you enjoy looking around…
      feel free to re-pin them to your boards if you wish.

      Enjoy a beautiful week
       I will be posting on my trip from the midwest soon.


      GOod morning Gail! Isn't it nice to be HOME? School has been out for me since June 2 and we are in Carmel, California right now, enjoying SO MUCH beauty. It has started to feel like home here as I learn the streets and where we are at!

      Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment. YES, I am back. ENJOY YOUR DAY! Anita

      Hi Gail, I don't have a Pinterest but have considered it… I do have FaceBook, blogger, and instagram and find it all to overwhelming to keep up with all this and daily life.

      I need to you look and see all your beauty, but I agree with all, and your family as to posting here too!
      Blogger is like a magazine page and please do list some of your home here as well, we would all love to see its unique beauty.

      See you soon.