When I woke up this morning… It felt just like it did on that August 23rd morning on “Our Wedding Day” Warm So. Cal with clear Blue skies and you could see the ocean so clear….

      I stayed the night at my Fiance’s home at the beach with my two most Special and Favorite people. My Mom and My dear niece Phoebe {who was 13 at the time}.
      I was checking my notes sitting outside with my tea and tying bows on all the center piece bouquets for the reception. I had a lot of little last minute things to finish! You see I was working {Modeling} around the country up until the week of the wedding and I planned the wedding my self!!! I’m a detail girl…The music choreographing, the ceremony etc…The most exciting part was {my secret} Wedding Gown…. I wanted to keep the special surprise a secret because I was Designing my own Gown… I Had dreamed about it my whole life, so I did the sketching for the dress and the head piece/veil … It was more special and Beautiful than I even imagined!! The most difficult part was I wanted it a secret. Everyone was asking me about My Wedding Gown and I just kept saying … It’s a Surprise!!!
      My Bridesmaids and My Fiance had no Idea!!! Getting back to the story, My niece Phoebe asked me, please Aunt Gail now can I see your dress? I said Ok! I told her it was in the Shower in the Bathroom…..
      She runs in there and I’m still out side tying Bows, I hear this Screaming!!!!!! She is yelling to {my mom} come in here Grandma it’s PINK! it’s PINK! It’s soooo pretty I have never seen one. Only Aunt Gail would have a Pink wedding Gown..My Parents knew about the secret gown being Pink. I asked for their approval and opinion on the subject… Their response was it’s your favorite color and It’s uniquely YOU…Phoebe was giggling and I was relieved I could talk about it with them finally after months of My Surprise..My mom was in tears and said it was the Most Beautiful Wedding Gown she has ever seen . {The bridesmaid dresses were also PINK! purposely opposite of my Gown though.. another story for another post!!}
      Our Wedding was filled with so many Beautiful moments .. Our Families and Friends came from all over to share the Day with us and we were so blessed by their company and Love.
      I Loved seeing the smiles and hearing the voices whisper She’s in Pink!!!!!
      So I’m sharing a few of the above photos from Our Wedding pages….
      I LOVED LOVED LOVED every moment and will Cherish Our Story and memories Always*
      P.S. I don’t know If my Fiance/husband even noticed I was wearing pink... He was probably nervous I would back out and there wouldn’t be a honeymoon….!!!! I was nervous too… Hoping I wouldn’t get my heal caught in the carriage getting out!!!!
      Happy Anniversary to My Husband*
      Love xoxo

      What a beautiful day and story, happy anniversary!! your gown in absolutely gorgeous, how fun to be able to design your own!!! I love a little different take on a wedding gown, and pink is just fabulous!!! hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your anniversary! Thanks for visiting my blog!! blessings, Tara

      Happy Anniversary Jim and Gail
      Its hard to believe that was 23 years ago.
      I remember seeing you on your wedding day in that amazing pink dress. Simply Stunning.
      You 2 are still a gorgeous couple.
      Love to you both and Congratulations


      Hi Gail, I can't believe how beautiful your pink wedding dress and veil was and how gorgeous you were then and still are, the pictures remind me of cotton candy, truly a fairy tale day!Christie