Loving the cool drizzly day here in So.Cal
      I just love wearing my wellies & tights with a light sweater!

      Christmas carols already?
      I hear them everywhere!
      Caught myself humming  along as I was doing a little pre-shopping!

      So little tiny update…
      Here is a teeny peak 
      of my powder bath renovation project!
      Can you guess what this is?

      I am soooo excited its exactly what I envisioned!
      Working on flooring.
      I love every single * little * inch.
      {I haven’t had a powder bath for a long time}
      Stay cozy

      I'm intrigued. Looking at the picture my first thought was it's the counter top cut out for the sink. Then, on a closer look I thought it might be the sub top for the counter. But, I can't tell the size. I just might be thinking about this all day now, when I really should be thinking about getting it together for hosting Thanksgiving!