Today as we all remember where we were… I remember just staring at the TV and trying to digest every word. My youngest son was two and still sleeping my oldest son was eleven. I was thinking…how do I explain to them the reality of what is happening without scaring them. It was tough, we just prayed for the families and stayed silent. I didn’t have any answers to offer them.

      Today as we were driving home from Yuma, Az I saw flags everywhere.. There was a farmer who had them on all the irrigation posts .. Seemed like a mile. As we approached the stadium area where the Chargers were staring their home opener we were listening to the radio announcements and saw the planes fly over us on the freeway as they left the stadium.
      They said 67,000 people in the stands were given flags and were all waving them. How beautiful.

      I think we all were on bended knee today in remembrance and respect.
      We will never forget.

      God Bless America*