A heavy Heart prepares and ponders this post today.

      Whooo.. Where do I begin, Our Beloved St. Bernard “Sir Bentley” life was unexpectantly taken on Friday. He was Four years old. An amazing dog.. So pure and gentle with such kindness. He held such a large Nobel presence in our family that gave us such joy and love with tons of laughable moments.
      Our Family is extremely saddened and we love and miss him dearly.
      You know as parents how hard it is to deliver such news to your children.
      I think I would rather do anything except relay sadness to my Boys.
      So…. I took this opportunity and had a little talk with my youngest son… I explained to him that as his parents we want everything to bring them Joy and Love and we want to shelter them from any thing that would bring unhappiness.
      Unfortunately in some circumstances that wouldn’t be real or teach them about Honesty, Life, Love, Spirituality and Compassion. It is our job to express real life and be there for them and to nurture as they learn to accept and embrace all that life is….
      I truly believe we learn so much from loving a animal,they become one of our family and are there every day for us.
      I don’t know how you feel but we feel our Children respect Honesty and we owe it to them to always present it…
      A few favorite photo’s with “Bentley”. The one in the car was our first Christmas card with our Dogs and it was Hilarious trying to get our family in the car with them.
      Both dogs were just turning ONE.
      Bentley will be treasured forever and we are so Blessed to be loved by him…
      He will watch over us now… I know why they are called ST. Bernard’s.
      Thank you for your ear…

      Bentley is very beautiful

      Oh Gail I'm so sad to read this. Bentley's sweet nature shines through in his handsome face. We lost a dog at the tender age of 4 so I know how very hard it is with children, but like you we found that sharing our grief and being honest helped everyone.

      Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time!


      He was a wonderful dog so majestic and loving
      we will miss him too
      sending you all love and prayers


      I am so sorry to hear of your families loss of such a great friend and companion. May you all remember the fun times with him as you heal from this loss.