A lovely Saturday…
      Interesting that October is called the “hush before winter”. 
      It really is…
      Quietly the leaves turn beautifully
       then fall to the ground blanketing it in preparation of winter.
      We blanket ourselves in Autumns cozy fashions
      our homeswith textures that connect us to nature.
      A welcoming sprig of berries, wreaths and pumpkins to inspire the beginning of October.
      Our tin man’s shed need a little love for Autumn…

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      click onto Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” on Second shout out blog.
      Fall vintage items in the store.

      My Design tip: Gather your vintage adornments, layer clothing, home and your outdoor dining spaces with cozy textures in natural shades.    

      Layer your spirit with the Hush of October….

      A beautiful day to you,

      Angie, I know this is German, I need to translate this!
      Best my dear,

      These would be fun at your house too!
      Hope all is well, thank you for your visit Dore!

      How lucky to have a recieved three chairs! I have two of these and they are very old and really heavy, I almost passed them up at a flea market becuase I couldn' carry them together!!!
      Enjoy adding them to your indoor decor, how cute would it be to put 3 little trees on them!

      My little tin shed needs some paint before the snow fly's also. LOL
      I like the little wooden chair a friends just gave me 3 of those and thought
      I would use them for inside plant stands this winter

      danke für diese wunderschönen bilder, ich mag die schlichtheit der möbel und der dekoration!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

      Yes, inspires me!!
      You come up with beauty time and time again.


      Yes, inspires me!!
      You come up with beauty time and time again.