Happy April 1
      Hope your having a lovely day. 

      I was asked yesterday to be a guest runway stylist for a big bridal show. 
      My answer was YES!
      A lovely honor to create my own Casual Loves Elegance bride looks.
      I am told I will be doing 10 to 12 different looks.
      Project runway style.

      Here is the FB page post announcing the news!

      You can go to my FB & here & like it!
       Wedding party Bridal show @ FB
         posted from yesterday.

      I don’t have many details yet, but I’m excited for the challenge to style my brand!

      There is one little detail they told me…

      There will be judges for the guest stylists & we will be getting voted on our work….
      No pressure right!
      I’ll keep you in the loop..

      Congratulations, Gail! It will be a wonderful and beautiful event, I'm sure!

      Congratulations Gail, you're going to have fun with this challenge!

      Casual Loves Elegance, I will post about some not everything as I son't know if the other stylist peak around! It's a competition among the stylists and we are being judged on everything.
      I am totally different than the other stylists so I can't wait to see how it all comes together!
      Happy Spring!

      What is your brand, and yes keepsake us posted, have a beautiful " I DO" day.


      Thank you Andie, Love a challenge!
      Happy Spring!

      Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you!