Mornin Darlins…
      As we close the door on 2012 it is tradition to celabrate!

      I hope you look back at the events of this year fondly.
      No matter what has happened… there is a lesson and something good to be found in every situation.
      I know this to be true, trust time...

      Time to prepare for New Year’s Eve, a few photos from my home as we prepare!
      Gentlemen of course could wear… a pair of wing tips!
      This pair of wing tips has sentimental meaning, my husband wore them on our wedding day…
      The vintage hat box was a find!
       A cool leather strap, from the original owner, 1940’s.

      A vintage tux with a glitter top hat is perfect for him…
      A vintage silver brush with super soft bristols…
      I use to brush off my vintage gold slippers*
      I love wearing these!
      I have this vintage silver tray filled with clear glass cups,
       ready for after dinner Cappuccino’s!

      Hope you use your vintage trays and platters for New Year’s and all year long.
      Don’t save them… enjoy them!
      My favorite winter white vintage stool holds a special edition Evian water..
      { I love the pretty bottle, can’t open it}!
      I wrapped the seat with a my favorite vintage tule apron,
       that was my Grandmother’s.

      My Design tip: Vintage fashion,vintage accourtements all tell a story about us and our style.
      Take some time to figure out what you want your own style to say about you.

      I hope you enjoy Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” it is my once a week series I do for SSO SECOND SHOUT OUT blog.
      My intention is for SSO blog posts are to keep it light, fresh and inspiring with ideas. 
      With using my own materials and photos I am able to share my own 
      “Casual Loves Elegance” style.
       I am frequently asked via email  if the material is my own through emails…

      Vintage can be used everywhere, design, home, fashion and daily living.
       I hope by sharing a glimpse with you of my LOVE for vintage, and how I live with it.
       Hope it inspires you to incorporate vintage into your life…

      Thank you for visiting here and at SSO!

      Have a beautiful New Year’s eve!

      May 2013 bring
      and PEACE to all

      xo Darlins,