***Happy New Year to You***
      Wow, 2011
      I Wish You a Fabulous Year…. filled with Love, Happiness, Best of Health and Peace for all..
      We just got back tonight from three days of celebrating my son’s birthday in the Desert!!
      It was his birthday wish to all go there so he could ride his motocross Bike. We rode quads!! He was the happiest guy!! Loving every minute of it and we even took our dogs…
      It was fun I must say, beautiful evenings with stars in the sky sitting around the campfire.
      I am a little on overload being the only female on these trips!!!

      EXTRA Special is … January 1st for our Family….

      My youngest son’s Birthday!!!

      I have always called him “King Cade”. He was born on New Years Day and I remember every detail down to the Nurses and Doctors wearing there New Year’s Eve Crowns and Tiara’s!!!
      So this is for him…..

      A fresh Year can’t wait to get started!!!
      xoxo, Me