Hi Darlin’s
      Every year when I think about my Christmas decor I visualize natures own beauty. 
      I think-truly know…, my visual has always been… from where I grew up in the midwest.
      This time of year I visualize 
       trees with barren branches
      & my favorite white birch trees, all twigs & white papery bark…beautiful!

      The elements of nature exude texture and have a heartiness of the rugged outdoors.

      This birch twig star is gorgeous*
      I can imagine how beautiful it would be with twinkle lights, can you?

      Hmmm…What would Christmas be without REINDEER?

      They are simply ICONIC & MAGICAL.

      Tiny gilded acorns strung onto twine…
      Can this be that little touch of nature, that you need?

      Moss covered stars are just lovely…

      I hope you are inspired by natures’s beautiful decor…
      I know I am!

      Inspiration for Christmas, is sometimes right in our back yard.
      Take a stroll through the woods, you might think it’s decorated just for you, enjoy the beauty.

      My Design tip: Natural elements take time to collect, making them into something special for your decor can be a project for the whole family. The memories will last for-ever.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT Blog for the whole post Saturday’s Designing with Vintage. 
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      Savor the season * may peace be with you!


      Hi Gail, We were on the same page this week posting about a natural Christmas. My posting was less and simple but ideas from pinterest and the heart! LOVE the birch star with all the natural garland…just breathtakingly beautiful….I would like to try this NEXT Christmas year on my cottage…..Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~Roxie

      I love this because this year, I am all about minimalistic and natural decor. Probably because my boyfriend gave me a book about Scandinavian Christmas and I finally feel inspired. 🙂

      Marie Angelique

      YES!!!!!! This is on my heart this year: NATURE. And I saw reindeer this weekend at a petting area in town; they are SO ADORABLE! Thank you for coming to visit! Anita