Welcoming February’s first weekend…
      With my hands filled with pretty pure white tulips, 
      I laid them on a vintage iron garden chair, 
      I never really noticed this pretty women’s face on the back of the chair.
      Always knew I loved this old chair for the detail, but never focused on her face!
      *LOVE* vintage garden furniture….
      Love how my wood pieces have become so weathered with a perfect grey patina.
      I snipped some fresh herbs from my garden with these old rattan wrapped scissors.
       I found them this way years ago when I was renovating a very old house!
      Growing my own fresh herbs is like recieving a little love from nature!
      Fresh flowers are so romantic… 
      This WHITE…vintage french enamel water jug has three pieces, a lid, a pan and this water resevoir.   A statement piece for perfect for holding fresh flowers on the front door! 
      You can purchase it here at my store

      My Design Tip:
      Everyday tasks large and small can be more beautiful and fun with vintage finds. Vintage garden tools, elements and furniture will only get better with time.

      What ever your space is or where ever you live there is always something vintage and fabulous waiting for you to discover it!

      Have a beautiful first weekend of Februarary...

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