How are ya’ll… I have been back for a few days from my Illinois & Wisconsin autumn visit.

      Mmm..Lots of fun things…I had the best week* First before I left, my best friend, Anita from High school in Tennessee with her husband and son came to visit. I was so pleasantly surprised when they called from AZ where they were visiting and said they wanted to come visit me in So. Cal! I was sooo excited… I haven’t seen them in 22 years! We have never met each other’s children…We figured out it was before I had my first son and I was still modeling!
      We had so much to catch up on and it was as if we just saw each other. It is so fabulous to have that kind of friendship isn’t it? It was really hard to say goodbye,two days was not enough but better than nothing!!! I hope we visit more often… I guess the next visit I will be going to Tennessee!
      Then I got on a plane to Wisconsin to visit family. My niece Phoebe is there and is she is so Dear to me.
      Soooo wonderful to see her and my sister-n-law Priscilla. They have a fabulous historical house that was a “coach” house from an Turn o the Century Estate in Wisconsin. I also spent time with my other cousins in their new beautiful home, they are so sweet and I just love being with them in Wisconsin. They gave me a fabulous house tour along Lake Michigan and the autumn leaves were changing and it was spectacular. The most fabulous homes omg! I will share some houses on another post.
      My stay was too short but I was able to get around and see a lot.
      I took Priscilla to this fabulous event called The Na-Da farm sale event
      It is put on by Ann-Marie from She has a blog and she is amazing. I have wanted to go to one of her events since I saw her blog. She was very sweet and all of her family helped her put on this annual event.
      I was so excited to go with Priscilla, it was really a beautiful setting in the middle of the prairie and I loved everything! I did a make a few purchases and I was truly grateful we went!
      Her are a few pictures from the sale.Visit her blog and you will see more.
      I also had the pleasure of meeting Tracy at the event from the blog who is in Illinios. She has a great on line store which I have visited before. You’ll want to visit her blog too!
      It is nice to be back home but I already miss my family in the midwest!
      Here are some pictures I took at the Na-Da Farm sale…
      Enjoy your weekend!