Morning Darlins,

      I decided I should participate every now & then to throw back Thursday!
      Looking through some archives…
       I thought that my ST. PAULI GIRL would be fun to share…
      It was my first spokesmodel audtion for a large campaign.

      They were interviewing all over the country, tens of thousands of hopefuls each year.
       I had never heard of it! 
      There is a fun story that goes along with this, but I’m in a hurry so will tell it some other time!

      Long story short, the casting agency took a poloroid of me in the outfit to show how I would look…
       sent to New York
      the rest is history…
      I was excited they booked me and my agency was super excited!
      Every where I went that year on other auditions my real name came second… 
      I was first
       THE ST. Pauli Girl!

      I’m not sure how many years they have chosen a ST. PAULI Girl spokesmodel. 
      I believe it started in the 70’s. The costume has changed a bit today.

      Back in the mid 80’s booking this was extremely coveted! 
      The year before me was the beautiful actress”Donna Dixon” who later married actor Dan Akroid. 

      When trying to research what year this was… 
      I found several of my St. Pauli Girl posters for sale online.
      The ones I saw, I have not signed.
      I used to sign several thousand at each PA!

      I’m pretty sure I still have a box of posters in my storage area! 
      They sent me several boxes, I gave them all to my Dad!

      Here is one I found for sale on line!

      The artwork, beer mugs and background were added later to the photos.

      Sharing something from my archives!
      Has me giggling!

      A beautiful Throw Back Thursday to you!


      Beautiful photos of you Gail! Such wonderful memories for you and to be able to see them out there~~~Wow! A blessed Life!! Roxie

      So fun to look back! As for the German outfit, I love it, my moms was raised by a German step father who took us all real regularly to the German polka dances, I wore a dress and apron much like yours in the poster and danced about.

      Wonderful memorabilia have in your archive.


      You are so cute Gail! Ii is fun to see your model pics. I remember these posters and always liked them! It is funny to think that now here I am commenting on your blog! You are one of the most beautiful models that has graced our magazines. You had the all American California look! xxo