I do hope you celebrated Valentines Day” with your Love or Loved Ones!!

      When I think of Valentines Day, I’m a Romantic at Heart..
      My Boyz sent me Beautiful Valentine Wishes.
      Mr. Hubby worked day and night and I haven’t been able to talk with him!! In a couple days. I don’t know if he even knew what yesterday was!! He left at 5:30 this morning again..
      So…. here is where I say… Valentines Day is everyday for us!!!!!
      A fun observation someone shared with me was… that in the Royal Hand, I’m a King of Hearts. I don’t know much more than that except it’s extremely accurate… It actually gave me chills.
      I always have found I endure through my heart..Perhaps, this describes how I’ve navigated through my life’s journey and remained optimistic through them while believing the best will come out of everything!!


      My Three Loves *FAMILY*
      This was our Family photo taken from a sweet photographer :Colleen Morgan
      My youngest was 6 months, his brother was 9 years!

      Second* Natures Beauty. My youngest son found these on the Beach here.
      He always keeps a look out for Heart shaped rocks for me!!!

      Heirloom Treasures, I love them because I feel the past lives through us and I adore anything that was my family’s!
      This Heart Pin was my Mother’s. I wear it every Valentines Day. Yesterday I wore it on my White T with jeans!!

      Heartfelt wishes Valentines!!


      Darling family and amazing rocks!
      Mary Ann

      Bonjour Gail,
      So glad you cam by to visit, now I have found your blog. What a beautiful blog you have. How right you are – Everyday is Valentine's! I am a new follower and will be back again soon. It would be a big pleasure to be interviewed by you.
      à bientôt,