Hi Darlin’s…

      Are your halls decked & your trees trimmed?
      We are almost ready… I still have a few more things to finish. Then tidy up!
      LOVING our little chill here in So.Cal.

      Last night I came home, started a cozy fire  
      and made one of my favorite soups!
      I love soups… so does my family!
      Today there was enough left for one small bowl just for me. 
      This is my favorite spot in the dining room. 
      It is filled with afternoon sunshine.

       Mmmm it’s always better the next day!
      Hope your staying warm & cozy!

      Don’t forget to take a moment for yourself to enjoy the smells, sounds & beautiful sights of Christmas around you!

      Hmm now have to plan dinner…

      Just found your blog via Pinterest… now following!

      Hi Gail! Your lovely photos show such a warmth and sense of contentment that I don't want to ever leave here! Thank you for leaving such a sweet message on my 'woodsy' post. Your blog is beautiful!

      Lovely post. A quiet moment is always a welcome respite for a soul. 🙂

      Maria Angelique

      Gail, your home is always beautiful! Stay warm and wishing you a lovely holiday season~