August has Always and For- ev-er will be my Favorite Month as I have proclaimed!!

      We celebrated Our Wedding Anniversary, I had My Birthday.. Along with a few friends who share this special birthday Month!!!
      I wanted to share my Favorite Color “PINK” with you with all this month. Sharing my most favorite special memories, moments whether dressed in my Couture Pink wedding gown or my childhood swimsuits shots,one of my modeling photos and my favorite things that are PINK.
      I had fun getting these scanned and seeing them after many years them being packed away…
      I have the last three photos that will close out my Favorite August Pink Celebrations.
      *My Vintage Pink Ladder, My vintage french Grape harvest bucket and My vintage white watering can. photo that is taken in my Lemon Grove.
      *My pink vintage Sucre can filled with fresh mint in the kitchen.
      * My most special gift…My Beautiful sister-n-law Priscilla made this incredible pastel chalk portrait of me when I was about 10-11 years old. She entered it in the fair and won a prize!
      She is so talented.. I have never been given such a special gift. She even has me in pink!!!
      Enjoy the last fleeting Days of your Summer…
      Make them Beautiful*