How do we celebrate the lives of those who are in heaven now? I know for sure we can’t forget… I know their love remains with us. Memories of the heart don’t ever leave us or fade….

      Today is my Mother’s birthday. I can’t stop remembering her birthday each and every year that goes by…. I can’t forget that it was her favorite day of the year and how we used to plan for it ….
      I adored my Mother, she was a unique women who was so genuine. Her smile could mend anything, her courage, strength and resilience were so admirable. She was a beautiful person. She was the love of my Dad’s life and of all who knew her. She was a Grandmother to three and loved them immensely. Her love and patience seemed to grow daily with them and she was so proud of being their Grandma.
      She was sister to four an Auntie to many! A sister-n-law to thirteen who kept up with everyone and their children. A dear friend to many, whom she said she was fortunate to have known!
      I ‘m celebrating your life.. So blessed God Gave me you for my mom..
      Happy Birthday Dearest Mom.
      I’ll blow these wishes with a kiss to the heaven’s tonight*
      Miss you…

      my heart is sad for you… i cannot imagine… God bless you… xx pam

      Happy New Year, Gail!
      Loving your posts and especially this one — your mother's bathing suit is just outstanding.
      Aloha, Karin

      such a sweet and touching post, Gail, thank goodness you have your family to carry on the love of your Mom!

      Oh your Mother sounds like my Mother…Gail no one can replace that unconditional love, that spirit and grace.

      I love the beautiful images!!

      Art by Karena