It’s the first morning of 2015!
      *Happy New Year*

      First Gratitude is always present with this time of year 
      & today is one that fills that even more.
      I want to Thank You for coming along on this blog journey with me. 
      I hope the new Year will bring us together even more …
      I look forward to sharing creative ideas and really inspire you in some way.
      I can’t wait to get started with all the projects I’m planning for this year. 
      and sharing them along the way with you.

      My wish for you…
      2015 will bring you all that you plan and aspire to see for yourself and your families. 
      Health, prosperity & a feeling of promise & hope to move forward with all that your heart desires.

      Today is extremely special for our family…
      Today is not only New Years Day
       it’s also the day my youngest son *C* was born. 

      I remember every detail as the guys {My Doctor & hubby} were watching the football games in the delivery room! 

      All I know is our family recieived a special gift that New Years day….

      A little reflection in honor of his

      @ 6 weeks… we are going to your baby shower.

       4 ish…
      5 ish –  in a friends wedding
      6 ish – DUDE
      15 ish 
      A cool guy…Fixing everything, learning about buisness, playing baseball, motocross, learning to skeet shoot just hanging with his buddies & loves his family time too.

      Dearest *C*
      are to date the sweeeeetest young man, 
      a kind person, 
      a passion for life, 
      so genuine and helful to others. 
      YOU have been a joy for us to watch grow through all the stages of life so far… 
      from newborn to boy – to teen – and now into this young man of 16. 
      We are proud of who you are, your character and loyalty which you have choose to live your life by each day….

      We love that you lead yourself. 
      you continue to make good choices. 
      We can’t wait to see your journey unfold & what your future will hold.
      *HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY*
      Love you to the moon & back …. King C
      Forgot to mention…I appreciate & love your humor & that makes me laugh till I have tears…

      As his mom ….I can’t wait to see how he navigates his uniquely confident, charming and funny old soul into the world.

      What a joy to have a son. What is it about them, but the boys are so special…yes, girls are too….but to see a little bundle of energy grow to be a man…it always puts tears in my eyes. What a lovely New Year's present for YOU! And that is so hilarious that the GUYS were watching the football game while you were working the hardest job a woman could do: bringing a life into the world! HAPPY DAY! Anita

      Your son is such a California boy. Happy Birthday to him. And happy New Year to all of you xxo