On  the way out to work out…
      Thought I would participate in Throw Back Thurday!
      Here is my first one!
      From my modeling archives..
      I think this was for “Flexitard”
      Wow Love the  mid 80’s!

      A beautiful Thursday to you!

      So sweet Dore!
      Fun to look back, my family had the best time and were my biggest supporters,they have all passed it was an unbelievable & exciting decade for a small town girl! Had they of seen how fierce and competitive it was back then they would of problbly been worried and discouraging!
      It's different now for sure.
      I appreciate what I had to work for and for a small town girl that was my education. My parents didn't send me away to college, I moved to Cali on my own and began my life. I wouldn't change a thing. My journey taught me invaluable skills and enriched my life more than any set of books or lectures!!!

      Life now is about raising my family!
      A beautiful day to you!

      Hi Angie,
      You are much younger than I so you probably only heardof the 80's!!!!
      Have a lovely weekend on the farm!

      Yes they were Sharon!
      Thank you for stopping by!
      A beautiful weekend to you!

      Gail, you are such a beauty, my daughter is tall and thin, also has done some modeling. It's so much fun to look back an see the life changes we have made. Super model then, and still that beautiful super model now.

      Don't you just love life now? Your rich in all the creative beauty you live with daily.

      See you soon


      This is awesome! Love it, can't wait to see more from back in the day!

      Those were the days!!!!