This is a world record post for me so bare with me… my funny little story I thought y’all might like!
      My son was talking about a series on TV called Shark week .
      So I began thinking of a pretty awesome Modeling campaign I did for The Cousteau Society and Us Divers.
      The day started by taking a small boat with a makeup person, stylist and myself out of off Long Beach Harbor to this Huge vessel. We were lifted up to this boat and were greeted by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Jacques son and Dominic his lead diver.
      Jacques was supposed to be there they though he would be meeting us by a small boat too. They had just received a telegram on the boat that he was in France and had an emergency to tend to.
      Our location was Catalina Island , It was a beautiful winter day {Jan} The water was so calm and clear. The campaign was for Us Divers I had to get into this shark tank and be lowered into the water about to my knees! Yeah… Scary! The rest of the shoot was on the boat and on land another day. The boat was on it’s maiden voyage. It was just built for Jacques in France.
      After the shoot Jean-Michel and Dominic asked me if I have ever dove. I said no.. Oh,will suit you up and we would love to take you on your first dive!!! I stood there and was so excited, guess what I said… No Thank you. I was terrified because I didn’t know any of them and I thought to myself what if something happens…They kept trying to persuade me and said we aren’t going to let anything happen to you!
      Can you believe I was such a chicken!!!
      Anyway they dove down and got sea urchins and pulled a knife out and just ate it in the water! Of course I politely said No Thank you to that too.. I’ll wait for dinner, I said!
      On they way back the staff and chef prepared a fabulous dinner and we all sat together around this long table in the dining galley and I couldn’t stop thinking about{my Dad} and how cute everything was. The china had their monogram on them and the stemware were etched… You know I wanted to ask for a place setting sooo bad!!!
      I regret not asking for a plate!
      They gave me a t-shirt to change into and I wore it at dinner.. LOVED LOVE LOVED it. I almost wore it out… now I don’t wear it anymore because I want to save it just for the memory!
      Sooo when I told my fiance {FYI this didn’t go over well…} and my parents about the shoot and that they wanted to give me my first diving lesson and I said No Thank You they couldn’t believe it.. I tried to explain to my Fiance that if he was there I would of… He said to me.. HONEY, you were with the most experienced divers in the world, It doesn’t get any better than that… He was so right. Yikes I surely missed an opportunity of a lifetime!.

      Enjoy the snapshots from my camera taken from the shoot. Jean-Michel has the grey beard a beautiful man and so much like his father. Dominic in the water with his sea urchin snack!

      A little bio on My Favorite Sea Legend*
      French born Jacques Cousteau was the explorer of the Worlds Oceans.
      He dubbed it as “The Blue Continent”. He was a story teller, movie maker, underwater marine ecologist and scientific observer. He was fascinated with and explored shipwrecks, he made his first underwater film entitled “Shipwrecks”. During his trips he filmed movies. All of which he won academy awards for.
      He later in his career, saw the result of nuclear waste being dumped into our bodies of water and he carried out many public campaigns against it.
      In his name, the Cousteau Society was founded,which would work to protect marine life.
      Jacques was awarded the UN environmental prize and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Ronald Reagan. Also known for his and his inventions, the aqua-lung underwater breathing machine,underwater camera gear that was then bought by Nikon.
      My dad loved him, we watched all his explorations and I wished my dad could of been with me on my amazing booking! He talked about it for years and he asked me to describe the ship and the details of my day over and over!
      Thankful for the my personal and awesome memory… I have so much respect for Jacques Cousteau and his team for what they have contributed to the world.
      He shared with us his experiences through his documentaries and his work.
      Let’s keep his legacy alive…and keep our waters and earth clean*
      P.S. I still get teased about not accepting the lesson !!!!